Celebrate with Sarah Donoghue - Authorised Celebrant on Queenslands Sunny Coast, Australia
Where can your ceremony be held ?
In Australia and on the Gold and Sunshine Coast particulaly, there are many places you can hold a civil ceremony:
  • parks and gardens (Council permission required)
  • beautiful beaches (Council permission required)
  • hotels and restaurants
  • chapels
  • special wedding venues
  • a private house or garden
  • boat
 There are things you may need to consider:
  • Do you need a permit or booking?
  • Is the venue available on the day and at the time you wish to hold your ceremony?
  • Is there enough parking or other means of transport to the venue?
  • How far will you need to walk from your arrival point to the location of the ceremony?
  • What facilities are available if it rains or is too windy?
  • What is the best time for that location, considering sun, shade, tides, other users of the area and temperature?
  • Are there toilets and facilities?
  • Is the venue accessible for older guests?
  • What is the noise level of the location (eg. traffic, surf, waterfalls, animals, helicopters, motorbikes)?
  • Is there lighting or power (for evening weddings and for stereo equipment, if used)?
  • What about chairs for guests and table and chairs for you to sign certificates?
  • Are there any hazards you need to be aware of eg. water hazards, walking in sand in high heels
Fees for my services
There is no set fees for Civil Celebrants in Australia. Celebrants may charge a basic fee and then add on extras for travelling, public holidays and high demand periods, stationery and correspondence
or celebrants may charge an inclusive fee, quoted only for individuals once their personal requirements are known.
There is one thing that is certain - the cost of a celebrant is one of the smaller costs of your event. When receiving a quote, check with the celebrant that it includes everything and that there are no additional costs. Please email me for price request on sarahthecelebrant@live.com.au
My basic fee includes:
  • travel to the venue on the day
  • interviews and unlimited telephone and email contact with you up to the date of your ceremony
  • stationery and correspondence
  • preparation of your written ceremony, official documents and certificates
  • lodgement of forms with the appropriate Births, Deaths and Marriages authority
  • attendance at the venue and conducting the ceremony

"Thank you once again for celebrating our marriage with us. Your presence was so warm and comforting and reassuring. Everything unfolded stress-free and really quite magically. And how about that weather!!" - Richard & Linn 

Additional fees may apply for extra official correspondence ,travel, ordering a copy of your marriage certificate, work on public holidays, water taxi, parking and other fees relating to your venue requirements and location, and any special requirements, as agreed upon.
Please feel welcome to call me on 0403667407 or send me an email on sarahthecelebrant@live.com.au to obtain a quote.

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Take a look at the slideshow below of one way to make your ceremony special by doing a Sand Ceremony
This is a great way to involve children and also gives you something to keep in your home after your day to look at and remember what a great day it was.
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